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Anyone with LPG?

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Hi guys

So a friend of mine was showing of his new hybrid Lexus that gets 70mpg and £0 road tax. After seeing my almost £500 road tax bill.

Now I am not swapping my wrx for a hybrid any time soon but am starting to convince the misses when she gets her test past our second car should be a 60+ mpg car that I can borrow when I have to drive for work.

But the though popped up about LPG and if it's something anyone runs on an Impreza for doing distance driving.

From what I can tell cost should be about £1200-£1500 for the conversion and take me 2 years to get my money back.

So it's not going to be a big saving for me but it's got me thinking so just wanted to see what people thought and if anyone has done it.



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I too am contemplating this, interested in what comes up.

Replied to your PM a little while ago... 


People go literally out of their way to save only a few pence per litre on petrol/diesel at the pumps, to save maybe £1 on putting 50 litres in.. I wouldn't bother. But when it comes to saving over £25 on 50 litres, over £1000 per year if you use 50 litres per week - then that does make a lot more sense.


Converting a Subaru properly will cost just over £1000 but an LPG conversion will add to the car value - You can tell prospective car buyers that your car costs less in fuel than a SUbaru diesel yet has all the performance same as before the LPG conversion. And by the way, you can still run on petrol just the same as before the conversion if you don;t mind paying twice as much for fuel...


Got to be converted properly though - There are a lot of installers who fit the same LPG conversion bits on turbo'd Subaru's as they do on 1.6 Astra's etc... Got to use an installer who knows his stuff and doesn't only ever advise the same bits for every vehicle. And it's got to be fitted properly - almost as critical as getting the parts list right. .


I'm LPGC on the LPG forum, have a look at this... http://www.lpgforum.co.uk/viewtopic.php?f=27&t=13467



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