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PC Graphics cards for sale!!

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Hello folks, in case anyone is wondering... I have OK'd this with Gambit!


Basically I'm selling two graphics cards and would rather try and sell them without having to pay eBay fees etc.


First card: R9 280x 3GB (Sapphire VAPOR-X) 


Has been installed in my system for less than a year, bought it to go along with my 7990 for tri-fire goodness. A powerful card, runs cool and quiet! Comes in it's original box. Requires two x 6 pin power connectors. Looking for £100 shipped.



2nd card: MSI 7990 6GB


Now this card is a brute... Dual GPU monster. This card did have issues with stuttering caused by the card constantly changing between two clock settings (switching from 1000MHz to 950MHz) and vice versa. I have resolved this issue with flashing a custom BIOS to it and it runs perfectly. This card does have two BIOS' on it and since one of the BIOS' is read only it is impossible to brick in that regards. This card is currently watercooled in my system and it has never been hotter than 60 degrees (which is cold for graphics cards!!) Card requires a 6 pin and an 8 pin from a power supply. I will install the air cooler back on the card and test before shipping. If the buyer is interested I can leave the waterblock installed and add onto the price. (I paid £110 for the waterblock alone). Comes in the original box also. This card was over £900 when it was new! Looking for £220 shipped.


Any questions, feel free to ask!!

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