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About to buy....possibly

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Hey guys and girls


Am about to scrap my old transit and a 58 plate Forester D Xc caught my eye in the showroom.Looks in good nick and has fsh from its two owners. mileage is 48000.


Am wondering about running costs such as a new tyre cost (bound to be expensive compared to my old transit!) and the cost of a service.


Also is this model likely to be reliable for say, 5 6 or 7 years ?


I know these are noob questions but its many years since I owned a "proper" car so am out of the loop as far as the basics are concerned



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Hello & welcome I can't really speak much for the diesel fozzys however the early ones have had glow plug issues, where they fail and end up snapping when being removed ! As for running costs main dealer prices will make you laugh or cry depending on the mood your in, the prices below are rough guide for independent garages

Typically major service 350-400 cambelts around the same,

Minor service 100-140 as for tyres I pay around 105 a corner on my tranny and around 110 each for the foz, although I'm on 16" wheels. Don't let the glow plug problem put you off just do loads of googling ☺

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