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Impreza Dual Range Gearbox Bearings/Refurb/Replacement

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The Main Bearing in my gearbox has gone so it will need replacing eventually, car still drives fine but its just really loud. It's been to a garage but they can only fit a new gearbox from Subaru at a cost of £4000, so i was looking at getting at either getting my box repaired or getting a refurbished/used box fitted, or failing that getting a bearing kit and doing the repair myself. I have had a look around but finding it a bit hard to find anything, i have emailed my local Subaru dealer to get a quote/recommendation but I wont get a reply till tomorrow. So in short i am looking for either a Replacement gearbox, someone to repair my gearbox, or a bearing kit for my gearbox. The car is a 2007 1.5 Impreza R Wagon with a dual range gearbox (hence the difficulty in finding a replacement)


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Plenty of reconditioning places around have you Googled 'gearbox reconditioning' ? expect to pay under a grand for the job doing may be less if you can remove and ship it yourself, or the other alternative is to buy a 2nd hand 'box. have a look at the vin plate on the strut tower in the engine bay and it will tell you the gearbox code, type it in Google and see what it brings up, no idea what the difference is between n/a &turbo boxes but there's bound to be some available,

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Yeah, I'm picking the car up from the garage tomorrow so i can get some more info to google then. I might take her to a local gearbox specialist and see what they say. I'm willing to do the work myself or get the local garage to change it (wont repair it as they exchange them) if i can find the parts or a replacement box. I have seen a few boxes but none of them are dual range so i am questioning the compatibility, I would rather keep the dual range box but if a standard 5 speed fits then i might just go with that.

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Hi buddy.. I've just spent £1300 on my 6 speed box.. 595 Inc vat just on the diff..

It started about a month ago a lil knocking sound when at low speed and dropping revs.. then got a lot louder.. when I sent it to get repaired the problem was the diff as it had bits of mental hanging out from it..

2 weeks later.. as the box was out I dropped in a lightweight flywheel and new stage 2 clutch.. Over the moon as the car was ready 2 collect!!

So as I drove it out of the garage I could still hear the same light knocking sound!!

I'm kicking myself!! Why didn't I jus buy a 2nd hand box!!! Has any one else had this problem??

Razz what kind of sound are you getting from your box??

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I have looked for a second hand box with no success, my best option at the moment is getting my one reconditioned. I have found a local firm that are willing to have a look and if need-be he has a business friend who specializes in Subarus he can send it to. I'm just awaiting a Quote from him.


I'm 99% sure it is a bearing that has gone, the noise is quite hard to explain but it a kinda mechanical grinding sound, not a knocking sound. I have had a second opinion from a local garage and they also say its a bearing gone. Next time I'm out in it i will get a recording of the sound and post it.

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I have had no luck so far as the local gearbox specialist cant find much info out about this gearbox, I was wondering if anyone on here may have some more info on this then it would help me loads. however i have managed to find 2 second hand box's, one in Poland and one in the Czech republic. Since these are the only ones i have found i have inquired about getting them shipped to the UK and what guarantee they come with. 

Edit: The gearbox code is TY754xy7AA If that helps.

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