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XV - fitting used Subaru Sat Nav unit.


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Hi All

Apologies if I make a mess of this, its the first time I've used a forum.

I am a new Subaru owner and am very much enjoying my 2012, XV 2.0i SE.


One thing I would like to add to my XV is the sat nav unit I had seen in other vehicles.

Prematurely I purchase a Subaru Navigation/Audio unit off a 2012 XV from a breakers.

Thinking it would be a straight forward swap.(should have checked first)

Unfortunately when I removed the standard radio in my car I found that not one of the connections matched the used unit.


Does anyone have any knowledge about if it is possible to fit the Sat Nav unit, do I need a conversion kit or something.

or am I over simplifying the problem.


Thanks in advance to any replies.





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Hello & welcome, feel free to have a nosey round the forum we're all friendly, not really sure but you'd probably need a loom adaptor so they all connect to each other, not sure about availability of them, is the car you bought the nav from still being broken ?

I've never seen the interior of an xv so hopefully one of the owners will be along

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