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Prodrive backbox

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My prodrive sounds good with a straight thru centre section, makes a nice flat four burble without being too loud in the car. No idea if it would fit on a sport tho. I would imagine the bore on an na would be smaller?

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Prodrive backbox sounds quite nice, I took mine off because it wasn't loud enough though ;). Unsure about fitment but I still have my back box in the garage, if you need measurements or anything let me know.

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When I say fitting it's more of an attempt- I have bought the headers and sports cat pipe for the 2001-05 non turbos, as the last 2 sections are identical to the previous years- just hoping they'll fit tbh! Just uploaded 2 vids for you bud: http://youtu.be/e3bWqhmWZCs


Also, does anyone know how I can upload vids directly to the forum in the future?

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