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Foggy lift


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Can't see disco springs working well even if do fit, no way spring rates or heights front/rear going be right range.

On the fozzy you best using 1" metal spacer blocks on top of the strut hat & then 1" springs, at 2" you may want make custom trailing arm brackets so wheels sit central to rear arch, over 2" it a must.  you won't be able go very big on tyres as the strut spring seat sits close to top of tyre.

Best option for lifting springs is king spring, iron man or springcoil.co.uk who will do them to spec.

I've done a few at 2" & 205/75/15 or 215/75/15 tyre: general grabber AT or Toyo open country AT+ which gives close to 2.5" or 3" lift all combined.

Other way is about 40mm on springs then rest via larger tyres.

I prefer 25mm on spacers & 25mm on springs as lifting to much on spring means little droop left in the strut travel . 2" is all I recommend for mechanical lift as beyond that cause more issues with stress on UJ & shafts & also alignment issue of camber & wheelbase. 215/75/15 tyre gains a good 17mm in lift but remains sensible in terms of speedo reading difference & gearing and actual body clearance plus can carry a spare that size without much bother.

Farmers like it as really improves front/rear/sill clearances. Not cheap when look at tyres & ideally wheel spacers or new wheels & springs & custom brackets/spacers & alignment & telling your insurers  :-/

Total gain of 2" looks good, it not overly noticeable until parked next to standard yet it makes vehicle far better for bit of off road use.

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