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Do Subaru Foresters 2.0L 2010+ suffer from head gasket problems?

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I am new to the forum. I have been wanting to buy a Subaru Forester 2.0l N/A 2010-2013. The thing is iv read that subarus can get head gasket issues (especially in 2.5L N/A engine) does this problem apply to the model forester I am looking into buying.

Many thanks  

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2.0L NA of all era are almost bullet proof.

as long as oil is changed regularly & correct spec coolant used they go on forever .

2.5L was main one for HG issues and reason the HG issue gets thrown up so much ...

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^ pretty much, the old 2.2 had some issues but most had done some serious miles before ran into trouble. 2.5 is the trouble one with a fair few HG failures at quite low mileage. Even my old legacy 2.0L which close to 200Kmiles still fine & engine untouched. I have 2 Foresters but only buy the 2.0L as it the best buy really, I done too many 2.5L HG repairs to want the hassle for no gain really .

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