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Surrey Scoobies monthly meet Aug 9th 2015


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Although the website is still down, the meet will go ahead as usual at The Fairmile in Cobham.

09th August 2015


Full address for the pub is:

The Fairmile

Portsmouth Road



KT11 1BW

Kicks off from 13:00pm onwards!

Eveyone with a Scoob is Welcome. Your welcome even if you don't have a Scoob, you just can't park on the grass :)

As with the last couple of months, before adding your name to the list, please ensure that you read the following:Meet rules:

1. No idiotic driving on the roads surrounding the Fairmile

2. No damaging the Fairmile grass

3. No leaving litter/cans/pint glasses on the Fairmile grass

4. Do not partake in any other idiotic behaviour that gives Scoobies a bad name

In addition we ask that only Japanese cars park on the grass please. Members are more than welcome to come down in non-Jap cars (or bring friends) but please, Japanese only parked on the grass (there is a second car park to the rear of the Fairmile if you don't want to park in the main area).

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