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HKS SSQV4 Review - WRX Hatch

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So after months of umming and arring I decided that I would go ahead and change from the OEM recirc valve to a BoV/DV. I had read pretty much all the scare mongering reviews online so I was expecting the worst!


I opted for the HKS over all the other brands as 1) I had used one before on my Starbo GTT and was highly impressed and 2) I was advised by a Subaru specialist that they have had hardly any engine issues with them.


Anyway I ordered the part with the purple fin (I don't like the chirp from the silver fin you get in the box) and took the car to TGM, Fleet. So whats the car like after fitting..... well it certainly inst hesitant and it doesn't idle poorly like most people have said however there is only one issue which is it has caused a slight backfire in second and fifth gear after you let your foot of the accelerator after heavy boost. As the car is going in for a remap soon this should disappear with the new fueling set up. 


Over all i am highly satisfied and does exactly what it says on the tin without all the "reported" issues.... plus it goes swoosh now  :P  :P  :P  :lol:  :lol:  :lol:

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just been looking at bov for my hatch and read not to do it,but i want mine to swoosh 2  ;) its 2 quiet at min and make me think am not driving a subaru anymore.Now i have read this i am going to go for it.1 more thing added to the shopping list  :D

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