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  1. I went for Vredstein Ultrac Vorti's when I brought the GT1's after I read a great write up on Auto Express. They have been epic, grip really well in the wet and they lasted over 15k.
  2. Do you know TGM in Fleet? Take it to them and get them to diagnose the issue.
  3. She is very nippy but already im experiencing the French car build quality. Lol! Cant wait to get it ready for this years track season
  4. Picked up my Clio 182 Cup on Tuesday and I have instantly fallen in love with it. Its my first RenaultSport and it took me awhile to find the perfect one but it was worth the wait! I must say its more fun than my Scooby WRX. Its has a few modifications:CookSport SpringsYanoo stiff shift (yet to fit)Speedline TurinisPure Motorsport exhaust with decatPowerflex engine and dogbone mountsK&N panel filter Racing blue interiorThe guy thinks it may be cammed but hasnt got proof but regardless its so much fun. The plan is to turn this into my second track car alongside my Imp VTR. I intend on putting a set of OMP/Recaro seats, 4 points, remap, throttle bodies and obviously a cage.Hope you like!
  5. Ha aha snap! The one i brought has had decat exhaust system, dog bones changed, Powerlfex top mounts, Cooks shocks and the full cup works. The guy thinks its been cammed as it picks up just a little too well but hes unsure.
  6. Get one seriously get one! Ive had mine 2 days and im in love! Its nimble and picks up pretty quicky for a N/A
  7. Counted receipts and it had over £4k on parts alone in 11 months. Im not the proud owner of a Clio Cup 182 Full Fat. Great little car and will keep me sorted until i can get another scooby!
  8. I have the grille and the sti spoiler but they wont be available until 1st April
  9. Yea i will still be on here and yes Hilda pics will be posted :)
  10. Thank you. Really gutted to have to sell but needs must at least I have managed to retain Hilda the Imp!
  11. I am looking to sell my 2007 (57) Impreza WRX hatchback. I have owned the car for just over a year now, however divorce and moving into a new home has forced my hand to sell. When I brought the car last March it was a standard UK model, however I got the twitch straight away and no expense was sparred turning it into a real head turner. The car has the usual standard specs (Xenon head lights, air conditioning, CD disc changer, sport seats, traction control etc). I have also spent over £4,000.00 in the past year on improving the cars performace and handling which I will detail below. The car has full service history and since ownership I had a full service including the cambelt being changed at Subaru4You, Newbury which was over £1000.00 and after that services and works have been undertaken by TGM, Fleet. The car has an MOT until October 2016 and has just recently been serviced. It is on 84,500 miles which is rising daily as its my daily car. The car is running a healthy 277bhp @ 355lb Torque and goes unlike anything I have ever driven before. Duncan who tuned the car estimated that the 0-60 is sub 5.0 seconds. This car really turns heads and isnt for people who hate attention due to the roar it gives. It pops, bangs and spits out flames that will give you a smile on your face! Modifications are: Cosworth Panel Filter - £45.00 HKS SSQV4 Dump Valve - £200.00 Invidia N1 "Street" Exhaust (Titanium Tip) - £700.00 Afterburner Decats - £250.00 RaceDynamix Remap - £800.00 BC Racing Coilovers - £550.00 Prodrive GT1 18" Alloy Wheels with Vredstein Ultrac Vorti tyres & TPI tuner anodised blue wheels nuts (locking) - £1,120.00 Genuine Subaru STI Mats - £75.00 StopTech Sports Brakes (Braided lines, Street Pads and Grooved Discs) - £600.00 JDM Clear Fog Lamp - £60.00 I also have a STI rear spoiler which is painted but not fitted and an STI grille which will need painting the fitting which I will give to the new owner. These are genuine Subaru parts and cost over £300.00.The BoV is fitted with the additional "louder" purple insert but I have the original insert which I will provide. I also have the original suspension and rear UK fog light which I will provide to the new owner. All cars have bad points and this has a few. There is scratch on the lower splittler and the laceur has started to go on the other side of the splitter which will need repainting but If you are getting the grille painted you could get this touched up. I have got a quote for the grille painting, fitting the spoiler and grille for £160.00 so I imagine the splitter would cost about £100.00 to redo. The rear bumber has slight burn marks above the exhaust and the diffuser has melted due to the heat and flames the car spits out. The rear JDM light appears to occasionaly get water in it but I have checked the seals and they dont seem to be an issue so no ideas whree the water is getting in from as this doesnt happen with the original light (which you will get as well). There is no drivers sunvisor as it snapped off so this will need replacing. The interior paint around the door handles has chipped and is worn but this would'nt be much to sort out by hydrodipping them. Finally there are other small stone chips which you would expect from a car of this age. I have looked after this car and it has always been serviced and run on V Power since I have owned it and had it tuned! Dont let the small bad points put you off form this great car! Note that I am in the process of transferring the registations over so the plates in the pictures will not come with this car and it will be sold with the "57" reg. £6,500.00 O.N.O,
  12. If i wasnt leaving the club I would have taken the battern
  13. I believe ScoobyDan is the person to speak to for events in the South.
  14. Finally managed to get the car cleaned prior to it going up for sale :(
  15. Only coilovers worth getting are the BC Racing. Ive not heard many good reviews on the Tein. If you get a set it is a must to change the drop links as the harsher ride destroy's them!
  16. Its the same engine but is it the same layout?
  17. Yes we tried every where but no one lists parts for the WRX hatch it is bizare!
  18. I need to get a washer pump and new air con compressor for the WRX however my garage is struggling to find a supplier (apart form going to Subaru direct and paying mega money!). Can anyone advise on anyone that can get hold of the parts that are not universal but are a direct fit?
  19. Its a replica but has full Cosworth running gear so i believe.
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