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Grinding noise on cold start (07 WRX)

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Hey guys,


I'm finally the proud owner of an 07 Impreza WRX and absolutely love it! I've noticed however that whenever I do a cold start, there is a grinding noise coming from the passenger side of the engine bay that lasts for 10-30 seconds and then stops, only to return when the engine has fully cooled down.


Increasing the revs and pressing down the clutch doesn't seem to make a difference.


Everything seems fine when the noise has stopped and haven't had any other problems.


I think the source of the noise is coming from the part that I've circled in the image but I'm not 100% sure. I'm not too sure what this part is, any help would be much appreciated!



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it's the so called secondary air system active with a cold start. if you have a reprogrammable ECU best to cancel it out and close off the two secondary valves too as they will get broken too as they all do... good old Google is you man to find loads of info about this wonderful system  :ph34r:

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