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  2. As my ordered new EV will be delivered within a couple weeks from now I have decided so sell my trusty Forester. I bought her as 2nd owner in Jan 2014 and have used her with joy. Milage is now on 202350 and will go up a bit till I got a buyer as I'm using her daily for commuting. She is a bit rough as the first owner was a farmer but she had full Subaru dealer maintenance while with her first owner and while in my ownership I have done all maintenance my self, have receipts to prove. Only use Shell V-Power and quality oils. MOT October 2016. Bad points; - Secondary Air Valves (gives engine light on, only when the temp drops below 12) - Corrosion on diverse places - Power steering is getting a bit noisy Makes a good run around for the one who gives her some TLC and doesn't expect a new car.
  3. there is a small hole with a switch to reset the unit by using a paperclip or... may be you handbrake wire is loose making the unit thinking that you are driving?
  4. back in Australia i had a 2.5 n/a Forester and here in the UK i have a 2.0 n/a Forester and must say the 2.5 had more torque, better sound and better MPG ;)
  5. MOT time... passed with flying colours mileage 199971 and guess what the prick of a MOT tester started to use the brake ramp so i jumped up and stopped him doing that he told oh you CAN do this and my reply was STOP this and call DVLA then he backed off and took his OBD toy and did the road brake test.