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2001 hoses


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They will fit your car, the set i bought was quite similar. However even though it says they are a coolant hose kit there are a couple of vacuum hoses that it replaces, the 3 that connect the metal pipework on the front of your intercooler and 2 that connect to the pipework at the back of the engine bay. I wouldn't use the 2 that connect to the back, they just sucked flat under boost but you can try.


As for the coolant hoses, when fitting if they seem like you need to stretch them slightly to get them on don't do it. I made that mistake with mine, the bottom rad hose was slightly too short and started to leak. Same for the coolant hose to the turbo, this one actually killed my turbo but it's because I didn't notice it. Just check coolant levels and for any collant stains near your new hoses and you will be okay :).

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