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Japspeed back box


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I have just fitted a different back box to my car so my old one is up for sale!!


Straight exit japspeed exhaust with 4.5" slashed tailpipe, 2.5" fitment (so will fit directly onto standard centre pipes) and the hangers are in the newage position.


Sounds really nice, good deep burble and is actually a little louder than my new one but not overly offensive!


I will give it a good clean prior to posting it will no doubt still have some marks on it, no damage on it at all (it's less than a year old)


Asking for £75 posted or £60 collected (Fife, Scotland) ONO




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This is a good buy. Recently ordered a HKS on ebey, but seems I may have fallen to a bit of a shady seller, almost a fortnight and the communication is rubbish. If I go through reporting and end up with a refund, if you've still got this I'll be interested. Ordered it a day before this came on for sale :(  GLWS.

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Yup, the exhaust is still available! I'm going on holiday tomorrow for a week and i'm not sure if I'll have access to internet just in case you reply or message me!

Cheers, are the hangers eay to put back in the classic position for my mechanic who will fit it?

Had my worst eBay experience, did get a full refund, then it ended up coming 2 days later, but good job I got my refund as it had holes in and needs welding! Now I'm sending back to seller! when he puts postage cost into my paypal.

Sorry for the rant but had to let it out somewhere. Hope you had a good holiday.

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I did mate thank you!!


Dunno how easy it is as I've never done it, read on other forums that people have heated up the third hanger to bend it around to hang... or not even use it at all (some have cut them off completely since the exhaust is not heavy), again... only what I've heard.


And yes, the exhaust is still available!

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