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Paint Issues


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Guys & Gals,


Does anyone know what the standard warranty is by Subaru on the paint? I have noticed that the lacquer has started to come away on the front skirt which shouldnt happen on a car only 7 years old....

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The front skirt is usually plastic and if not perfectly prepared, prior to painting, then paint or lacquer may show depeciation

within a few years. Weather conditions can have a serious effect too.


Special etching primers are used for various types of plastics and plasticisers are also used before top coats are applied.

If these chemicals are applied without proper cleansing of the plastic, then finishes will start to crack within a short space of time.

Many factors can be attributed to lacquer cracking or peeling from base coat surfaces.



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I'd second Rik's comments and if you end up getting it done don't need necessarily go with cheapest. It's all about the prep and that takes labor effort. I had my last bumper respray back 3 times before I'd accept... rushed preparation.

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Dgarside hits the nail on the head ... don't go for low priced re-sprays.

If you value your car then going down that route, will cost you money in the long run.


Two pack systems are costly to buy, along with all the ancilliaries required, so check out the spray shop firstly and enquire.

If any garage decides to tell you they only use synthetics or cellulose, instead of two pack systems; acrythane etc; then steer clear of them.


There are very important things to look for on any vehicle with regard to it's paint finish.

Orange peel and what I call 'dry finish'.

If a vehicle has 'Orange Peel' - looks like the surface dimples of an Orange, then whoever painted it has no clue as to viscosity values.

'Dry finish' gives a sort of matt / sateen finish, ususally caused by over atomisation through too high a pressure at the nozzle and also incorrect viscosity values.


Lots of mass manufactured 'Top end' vehicles often have this horrible looking Orange peel mess over the bodywork and it's usually caused by bad management and poor paint mixes in the spray booths.


So, before you spend your hard earned, have a good look at the work that comes from your local spray shop / garage.





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Thanks guys. I think I may go for a complete respray as the previous did the worst chip repair in living history and there are other minor issues. I also have found a lovely ChargeSpeed kit for the car which would need respraying.

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