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Forester 06 wing mirror question

Tim O

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Hello All, 


I have destroyed my driver's side wing mirror - my fault: unlit skip, unfamiliar one way street. My local garage (who look after me superbly) are unable to find a replacement from anywhere. That includes Subaru who said they didn't keep stocks of mirrors for Subarus over 10 years old (apparently it was made in 2005). The problem is that the mirrors are electric and have indicators in them. I won't pass an MOT if one side has an indicator and the other doesn't.


My question is this: do any of you see any problems with me getting a new set of mirrors which do not have indicators in them? I have seen some on eBay. In other words, would another set of plain wing mirrors for an 06 fit the hole for mirrors with indicators in them?







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Have a look on eBay for grade a subaru spares or you could try


If the skip was on the road it should have been lit, if it sasn't the skip company should be liable for any damage,

Have a look around at other subaru models as they tend to share the same bits, not sure about the newer ones but older foz's share 80% of parts with the impreza

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Thank you so much for that. Grade A looks very promising - I've left them a message. I didn't know about them so that is really helpful not just for the mirror but in the future too. Cheers!

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Thank you again, stants. I ordered a wing mirror from Grade A and it arrived this morning - pretty impressive! It's being sprayed this afternoon and put on tomorrow. Would never have been possible without you pointing me in the right direction. That's forums working at their best! Cheers mate.

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