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Tail Light Seal Query


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Is there a way of testing to see if the inner seal of a tail light is faulty? I recently brought a clear fog light for the hatch I before i went away on holiday i noticed that the cluster had become a fish tank. I have checked it all over and there is no noticeable cracks. I am hoping that it can be fixed or i have blown £65

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I have no experience with these light clusters but would remove it from the car body, if that's possible, and (no, don't collapse in a fit of laughter) drain it. Then drop into a bowl of water to determine whether there's a hairline crack in the lens.

If water is entering around a rubber seal then it's a simple fix to replace the whole seal.

Provided the seal cannot be  seen from outside the car then you could use a slow drying coloured or clear silicone sealer to fix it.

The best sealers I've ever used are Innotec Adheseal. It's not cheap stuff but believe me it's stops water leaks for good, plus you can seal stuff underwater. If you ever use this stuff, wear rubber gloves because it's a B****r to get off your skin.



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