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Single din with gauges

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Hi,just after a litre advice. I have a 55 plate blobeye wrx and have purchased gauges etc and I am ready to fit. My only issue is that I haven't seen anybody with a single din Stereo and the triple gauges within the double din Stereo surround.

Is this possible or am I better finding a different gauge pod?

Looked through loads of sites and posts with no joy.

Would really appreciate you thoughts as it looks like it won't fit.

Thanks Andi

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It can be done, there's a build thread on here where a chap has done it, I just can't find the pic at the mo. I'll keep looking

90%of people fit them where the clock is as all the wiring is in place and they are slightly easier to see at a glance,

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Try Ets racing as well not sure what they do for newage but you could always ask, there are some generic 52mm single din gauge holders on the bay just depends on how good you are at knocking up supporting brackets etc.l

Let us know what route you go & how you get on with some pics as could be useful to other members

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