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Audio/nav unit strange behaviour


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Hi, New to forum.

Got my first Forester recently and the audio/nav unit is doing strange things. I think it is a 'Fujitsu Ten' unit.

It decides to ignore USB sticks after they have been playing for a while and have to turn everything off and back on the get them back, also radio switches stations on it's own sometimes, quite often to a frequency with nothing on it.

The symbol that you tap to display the map full screen is not always displayed so nav is not useable and it has started showing a message when it first comes on saying "map/application authoristaion failed check SD" , (how do I check SD ?) it also flashes a message up sometimes saying something about 'connection failed' .

I also noticed that it seemed to turn it's self off and back on on one occation.


Dealer makes it obvious that they are not at all keen on investigating this as most of it is intermittent so wondered if anyone else had experienced similar and if there were any easy fixes.



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I would try video the issues so you got a record of proof then get them do something about as soon as possible.

reality is you likely will need a replacement unit as I doubt faffing about will lead to resolve.

I got no time for lazy dealers, be firm but stay polite, if it faulty even intermittently it must be fixed ...

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Will try that but camera in my phone is pathetic and as it always occurs while driving it might be a problem.

In addition to the problems, I am quite disapointed with the unit generally, no DAB and FM won't find a lot of stations that normal radios can pick up and with regard to the nav part of the unit, map is a long way out of date, Subaru site for updating map says there is nothing new available and even if there was it looks ridiculusly expensive and the software has nowhere near as many useful features as our Garmin portable one, might be me but trying voice commands is a waste of time, can't get it to do anything most of the time and when it does respond it is always wrong, so been looking for replacement units but not found anything practical so far, as in, a straight swap.

Have just had to resort to taking the dash out as dealer said they could not turn that irritating chime off - it's definitely off now!

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