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newbie with secondary air pump problem....!!


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Hi all ,

I am a newbie to the site but am on my third Scooby . Previously had a 2.0 Legacy, then a Forester s turbo , now moved to a 2007 Forester 2.0x . I have a problem with  engine management light and flashing cruise control light . Done a bit of googling and believe it to be the common air pump / stuck air valves.Has anyone fixed this issue by either blanking off both valves or just blanking off pump ?? Where can the blanking plates be purchased...?  and is it a d.i.y fix if your handy . What has to be done to get rid of the warning light..?  Seeing as it does nt affect the performance of the car and I cant afford  such a costly repair I would be happy if I could go down the blanking off route as I love my Scooby ...Any help much appreciated

                      thanks in advance 


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Hi, I have the same problem. There is a fix as per the attached document. I haven't done it yet but if I find an Ecutek agent willing to do the remap for less than £100 I reckon it would be worth it. Good Luck.ecutek.pdf

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