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Ok so after much faffing about and trimming I finally managed to fit my silicone intercooler hoses. I have fitted the sort that are part aluminium and part silicone.

Started her up and all seemed fine so decided to take her for a bit of a spin. After a couple of minutes she started reving like hell I between changing gear. After doing this a couple of times she settled down. However, I then stopped at our local telco and she started stalling.

This then settled down. After that nothing, absolutely fine.

Is this normal. Is the ecu adjusting itself to the new airflow?

Any thoughts

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Try disconnecting your Battery for half an hour or so, then reconnect it. Start the car again, but make sure all your lights, radio etc etc are turned off. Let the car idle for 15 minutes, then turn it off. Then back on for a further 10 and it should sort itself out

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