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  1. Finally got to drive it again! Went for a decent drive with a variety of roads, 30 miles later all is well. No leaks, no steam, no misfires! I just need to sort this p0420 code and put the exhaust back on the hanger I missed end of the month and all should be well ready for the MOT at the end of the month.
  2. Welcome! What is it you’re driving?
  3. Fitted the new top hose, went to start bleeding the system so fired her up and got a misfire CEL. Plugged it in and it was on cylinder 1. After a bit of faffing, swapping coils and plugs etc, still couldn’t find the issue. Did a bit of reading and discovered it could be the front O2 sensor. Unplugged it and got the solid CEL, not the blinking for a misfire. I’ve got a spare sensor in the garage somewhere, I’ll swap it over tomorrow and see where we’re at. For now, I think a beer or 5 is in order 😂
  4. I broke it again 😞 Driving up the m5 and the top hose blew coolant all over the engine! Haven’t had time to inspect it properly yet but I think the clamp on the engine side wasn’t seated properly. Annoying time for it to happen but there we go.
  5. She’s alive!! New battery in, started right up. Still had a misfire, diagnostics showed cylinder number 4. The clip wasn’t on properly. Now running like a dream 😍. Do seem to have a slight oil leak from somewhere around oil filter/cooler so will have to look into that.
  6. The car’s nose first in the garage, annoyingly. Fuel pump’s definitely priming. Haven’t checked the spark, purely down to the fact it started yesterday. It did keep cutting out due to the misfire (and me getting used to the new clutch if I’m completely honest 😂) so probably had to start the car a number times in under a mile so it’s taken a bit of a hammering...
  7. I’m going to get a new battery tomorrow and try that. It’s the only thing that makes sense as it ran yesterday.
  8. I don’t think so, would that not give me a fault code?
  9. Still failed to get it running!! Did start it yesterday, ran terribly, re-checked the timing and it was off. Reset it today and all is well, however it cranks but won’t fire. No fault codes, however the battery voltage is only just over 11v. Is it possible the battery is strong enough to turn the engine over but not get it to fire?
  10. Unsure on the starting issue, however when I took my starter out the other day I had the same issue with out getting stuck. A bit of brute force is the answer really, it’s just the mating surfaces sticking together. An old flathead and a hammer did the trick, if you’re replacing the starter a whack with a mallet on the body of it might be enough.
  11. Very nearly got it running, bar 2 small issues. Firstly, I’ve put the new fuel lines on the wrong way round 🤦🏻‍♂️ Secondly, the new japspeed radiator didn’t come with a drain plug and the one from my existing radiator doesn’t seem to fit. Of course I didn’t notice there wasn’t one there until after I’d starting putting coolant in!
  12. Spec b should be the same, as it uses the bilstein suspension. Alternatively, have a look on importcarparts.co.uk, you can shop by model then.
  13. The booking for this has been extended... are people still interested?
  14. Ooh that’s a stunner! Was never 100% sold on the hatches, but this could certainly change my mind!
  15. Welcome! In my blob I tend to use 5w40 (as recommended by Opie oils, there’s a discount code for the club on the forum somewhere). I go for millers purely due it to it being a very good price and I keep my oils changes frequent. Spark plugs should be PFR6B Id refer to Opie oils again for your transmission oil. With your brake fluid, it largely depends on what you’re going to be using the car for, road/track/mixture of the two. Personally, I use Mahle oil filters. Air filters, stick to to panel, k&n and cosworth offer nice upgrades for these. Obviously this applies if you’re running standard, if you’re staring to add power and performance upgrades, these things start to change.
  16. I’d be interested definitely! Ill try not to take the car apart the week before this one 😂
  17. Welcome to the club. Looking forward to the photos, absolutely love the colour of the wr1! I’m in the south west, we’ve got a few members dotted about, will have to try and sort a meet somewhere over the summer.
  18. Haha, there was two of us working on it already, stuff just wasn’t working in our favour. I’ll see you tomorrow anyway!
  19. Well the engine’s in the car, but nothing is connected up 😂😂.
  20. Sorry guys, another drop-out for the stand ☹️. Car just isn’t going to be ready in time. Still coming up for the show so I’ll drop by and say hello
  21. Jeez!! Will be interesting to see what the piston’s like
  22. Welcome! Give this a read through, should cover everything. best of luck with it 👍
  23. My thinking exactly. Plus the other half is away this week so I can get it all delivered and on the car without her knowing a thing 😉