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  1. Sorry mate, I quoted the wrong section. Far too early for a Sunday!
  2. Have you tried undoing the engine mounts and jacking the engine up a little bit? It should give you better clearance between the engine and chassis leg. Also taping your socket to your extension can save a lot of swearing and shouting.
  3. WideSam

    First timer

    Welcome back! Hope you find what you’re looking for! If you’re fairly used to fettling with the mx then you should adapt to the Subaru fairly quickly (once you get used to the engine layout of course). Look forward to seeing your purchase!
  4. WideSam

    Newbe - WRX STI Question...

    What sort of problems has the paintwork got? I guess you could argue that maybe the previous owner prioritised mechanicals over paintwork, or just wasn’t very good at cleaning it properly, just threw a sponge at it. Also if the price allows the paintwork to be sorted it may be worth a punt. Although I would say if you’ve got a bad gut feeling, probably follow that!
  5. WideSam

    hi im new

    Welcome, looks good!
  6. WideSam

    a few pics of my project so far

    Inspiring people to get stuck in is certainly something you do well, as do many others. I doubt I would’ve done half the stuff I have without reading about it and seeing pictures with the processes. Also having somebody knowledgable to ask if you get stuck is a massive comfort. It’s one things I love about forums, this one also has the bonus of no snobbishness or patronising comments to anyone. IMO Subarus are a great way to cut your teeth with a bit of home mechanics, everything is built like it’s designed to come apart again and can be done with a fairly basic set of tools.
  7. WideSam

    a few pics of my project so far

    What a driveway 😍
  8. The above works best if you can get the front end quite high as well, park uphill, jack the front if the car up, or use ramps. Also a non spill funnel works wonders. Enables the air coming out to be replaced with coolant straight away so as to not draw in any more air.
  9. WideSam

    New member with a GB270

    Welcome on board!
  10. WideSam

    A stupid qiestion

    It’s an emissions thing I believe. Goes from the usual £20ish to £45 a month
  11. WideSam

    Hi, I'm a new member!

    There’s a lot of members on the club, and a fair few active members. I’ve only been to 2 shows with the club a couple of years ago (Japshow and Japshow Finale) but the turnout to both was good! I think he meant it for you. He’s also got an STI hatch.
  12. WideSam

    A stupid qiestion

    If you go for the 3.0 they were a uk spec car, so should be easier to find and cheaper to insure etc etc- just be wary of road tax prices post 06 Although obviously you won’t get the fun turbo noises!
  13. WideSam

    Hi, I'm a new member!

    Welcome, looks stunning! Keep an eye on the meets and shows section, things should start being planned soon I would imagine
  14. WideSam

    a few pics of my project so far

    I was also stuck in a Ford when my GTB was unwell. I’m gonna claim I started a trend 😂
  15. WideSam

    JDM Combe- Sat 1st June 2019

    Just putting this up to gauge a bit of interest... As per the title, this is JDM Combe; held at Castle Combe racetrack. I believe it started to fill the gap after Japfest moved to Silverstone. It offers an opportunity for some track time for all abilities, as well as a slow parade lap if you don’t fancy thrashing your pride and joy. It’s £15 per car (up to three passengers) and extra for the track time. We only need 4 cars to make a stand but more would be great! I know we’ve got a good number of members in the South West, Wales and Midlands who are all a reasonable distance from Combe! Your car doesn’t have to be “show car” standard either so don’t be put off, it’s just a great way to get some members together and put faces to names. Need to have a stand booked by the beginning of May so the sooner we can get some idea of numbers the better! Some more info about the day and track times/prices can all be found here. http://jdmcombe.com/what-s-on/
  16. WideSam

    A stupid qiestion

    Good decision! Is it the GT spec b or the 3.0? I love my wrx but will always have a soft spot for the legacy
  17. WideSam

    Novice seeking help

    I’d be inclined to to look at your fuel pump or pump relay. Turn your ignition on, make sure you can hear the fuel pump priming to start with, it’ll make a slight electronic whirring sound (if that makes sense) from somewhere around your back seat.
  18. WideSam

    Hey all!

    Hi Jo, welcome to the club. Theres a good buyers guide here This should give you everything you need. If you’re used to swinging a spanner then, in my opinion at least, Subarus are pretty easy to work on. Good luck with the search!
  19. WideSam

    JDM Combe- Sat 1st June 2019

    Awesome, there’s another club fairly local to me that usually attends that. Always looks a good day out. I usually work Saturdays but I might try and get the day off. Only need a few more people and we can look at booking a stand!
  20. WideSam

    New Subaru Outback H6 owner (and member!)

    Looking good! 👍
  21. WideSam

    Paul new member

    +1 for this. Timing belt and water pump while you’re there is always a good idea.
  22. WideSam

    Angersome scooby water

    Pop your right hand side (as you look at the front of the car) timing cover off and you’ll see the water pump at the bottom, any leaks should be fairly obvious. Unfortunately mine didn’t have this and it wasn’t until I took it out the issue became apparent. Also make sure you’re getting water circulating while bleeding. Alternatively, as Tidgy suggested get a sniff test done, probably the simplest check for the least cost.
  23. WideSam

    Angersome scooby water

    I’d be half tempted to say you might still have air in the system. Stop me if I’m teaching you to suck eggs but they can be a real pain to bleed! Make sure you get the front end higher than the rear, park on a hill or jack the front end up, then try bleeding it some more. Again, the water pump is worth checking too. I just think it’s worth just ruling out absolutely everything else before headgasket failure.
  24. WideSam

    Angersome scooby water

    Was the heater blowing hot while you were bleeding the system?
  25. Nicely done. Thanks, hopefully catch up at one of the shows again!