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1996 legacy GTB spares or repair


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1996 in silver. It does start and run, but not well. It's either a bad Earth, Battery or alternator.

There's also some sort of rattle from the n/s head intermittently, but I have a spare pair of heads to come with the care along with another load of spare parts.

The check engine light is on too, it's for the o2 sensor.

There's a chip in the windscreen.

The exhaust manifold gaskets need replacing.

And finally, the heater matrix leaks so is bypassed but I have a spare one to fit.

Overall it's pretty tidy and has MOT until July (I believe). And as I mentioned has quite a few spare bits.

It recently had new tyres all round, new clutch and timing belt.

H&S stainless cat-back

4 pot brakes

Remapped by Bob Rawle

turbo timer

STI short block

I would keep it and do the work but I simply don't have the space!

£1100 but I'm very open to sensible offers. If I've missed anything feel free to ask.

Car is located in Sidmouth Devon and would need to be trailered away

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