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V2 WRX STI 555 Wagon Value?


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Hi guys


New here, had a few Impreza's in the past and looking to enter into ownership again, and I'm basically about to buy a WRX STi Version 2 555 Wagon.  VIN checks out, genuine car of the 100 Wagons made for this year with 66k on the clock, no real history to back mileage up other than some MOT's and such, which is often expected with imports?


The car is clean, zero rust, the odd age related mark but no dents.  Has minimal mods, Exhaust, Panel Filter and some Lamco gauges.  Just serviced with Cambelt etc.


I was/am all set to buy really, I like the car and got good vibes from it.  But since I've had some time to think about it, I'm wondering about the agreed price of 3.4k.


You can definitely get a "regular" Wagon WRX STi for less, when they do crop up (which isn't not too often granted), but also, the odd few cost more I guess. 


I'm just wondering what peoples thoughts are on the price? 






Just an edit to say I am after a Saloon of a similar era ideally, but the Wagon makes sense for my lifestyle and is local enough...  If a Saloon was 3.4k I wouldn't even question it.

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A lot less compared to the saloon, (which had roof flap, ally bonnet and wishbones etc).  The Wagon just got the unique paint, TD05 (I think wagons came with TD04 at this time?) and erm..  a bit of exclusivity? 

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There is a V4 for sale for similar money,..  Higher miles but still low overall, circa 75k..  I just really aren't a fan of the colour :(


Are they a better proposition?  I thought the V2 STI engine was one of the stronger ones?



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