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2002 subaru justy gx awd


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Anyone had any experiences with these??

I've been told my rear drive shaft might be missing because it's not awd, guessing it's been taken out.

How easy would it be to refit one and give her all her glory back.

Also, as they are the same shape as the suzuki swift, how easy would swapping seats from a swift be, would the rails be the same??

Thanks in advance


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Seems a bit odd for someone just to remove the driveshaft ! Could try a subaru dealer on eBay called impartsb46 they sell loads of dead stock

Or www.importcarparts.co.uk if it's not listed on the site give them a bell as they should be able to source or point you in the right direction.

As for the seats i'd assume so but you never know can you find a swift to have a look at ?

Alternatively if the swift seats are cheap enough you could probably adapt the rails

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Nice one. Yea its definitely odd, but have read the awd doesnt kick in until its wet or just stuck on slippery ground, been looking around on other forums, and have come to the conclusion that the justy is just a rebadged swift awd. Identical apart from the badges obviously. There's plenty of scrap yards my way so will have a look and see what I can find out about the seats.


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