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email for API Engines


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Try dob@apiengines.com that's what I use but don't hold your breath. If anything it's harder to get an email than a phone call. They've had my Hawkeye for 19 weeks now on a 4-6 week engine build. Last spoke to them Tuesday where was told it's ready and they would ring me yesterday to sort pick up. Heard nothing from them and whenever I ring either get answerphone or nothing. even got two rings and then a hang up so must be seeing the calls surely haha probly have more luck sending a message on a pigeon haha

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Alright mate, picked my car up recently after 19 weeks. I know when I went there he said they were having loads of trouble with the emails and phone lines and can't get them switched over to where they are now. As for where they moved I know it's a few miles from there old shop but no idea where abouts. Just keep ringing and emailing I guess.

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