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Cam Belt Question? Does it & When Too??


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Hi Guys,


I have my Brothers 202 Subaru Outback AWD, it's done 57000 miles and I don't know if the Cam Belt has been changed; or even if it has a Cam belt or is it a Cam-Chian ??  Anyhow  I wondered if it needs changing or not?   and what's the average cost of changing the Cam Belt at a Subaru Dealership?


 Knowledgeable  advise appreciated..



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Thanks Greenmamba,


2002 - 2.5 engine runs nicely; but the car has done 57,000 miles over the last 13, years of it's life, the Subaru Outback AWD belonged to my brother; I'm not sure he had the cam belt changed?   probably not.    How important is it to get it changed?


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If it were mine, I'd get it changed. The belts should be changed both on miles travelled or years age - yours exceeds the upper limit on age alone by some years. It is an interference engine so if the belt snaps or slips teeth, major repairs inevitably follow.

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