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Forester oil leak


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sorry for opening another post but didnt know how to put pics up on the original post.


The pics below show a black cover looks to be held in by 3 bolts anyone know what is behind it as i think the oil drips are coming from behind.


thank You



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That would be your timing belt cover... Either cam seal or rocker cover gasket. Rather annoyingly (if I remember correctly) you have to take the entirety of the cover off to remove that offside one, which also involves taking off the aux belt and crankshaft pulley. It's all done a lot more easily if you take the radiator out too.

I may have made this job sound a lot worse than it actually is :lol: it's just fiddly. Plus if you can do it all yourself parts are cheap and you'll need to pop a new timing belt on while you're there, and that's always a nice thing to get done when you can

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You're probably looking at the worse side of £500 at a garage, potentially less if it's just the rocker cover... Do it yourself at home, I think I paid £4 for a genuine Subaru cam seal, £12 for the rocker cover gasket and a timing belt would be around £30, although I'd recommend paying a bit more for a genuine Subaru one, otherwise the timing marks on the belt are half a tooth or so out which causes all sorts of headaches. Then plus oil and antifreeze to replace what you drain out.

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