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Have you refilled it yet ? If not i'd take take the top hose off and slowly fill the system that way until it"s at the top of the hose then pop on to rad, fill the rest from the header tank till just above the collar

Easiest way is to jack front of car up slightly, or park up hill,

Start engine with expansion cap off turn heaters to hot, then massage the top & bottom rad hose to get the trapped air out,

Keep an eye on the header tank it should drop a little so just top up if required, keep burping the hoses till no more air comes out, pop the rad cap on, let idle for 5 mins keep an eye on temp gauge and go for a little drive, so it's up to temp and the fans go on, park up check the top & bottom hose make sure they are hot,

Leave overnight and check coolant levels in header & expansion bottle, if required top up and keep an eye on it for couple of days

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The metal tank is the header tank, i'm not exactly sure on new age with the rad cap, but as the metal tank is the highest point I'd fill from there it will drain to the rad down, as you would on a classic,

Hopefully a newage owner will be able to point out about the rad cap

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