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Changing stock head unit - what do I need?


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I've got the stock head unit in my 04 Forester STi, without even a band expander. It's getting annoying using a radio transmitter from my phone, so I'm thinking of getting a new head unit.


I was told by Torque GT that I'll need one of these convertors: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/PC2-44-4-SUBARU-FORESTER-1997-2008-ISO-STEREO-HEAD-UNIT-HARNESS-ADAPTOR-LEAD-/150850233558?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_3&hash=item231f5fe4d6


then I can fit a replacement head unit. Is this correct? I've read about losing the sound from the bass sub speaker in the boot unless you add some sort of amplifier (the stock head unit has this built in, or something?), can anyone advise as to what the situation is, and what I'll need to keep everything working?


Thanks in advance!

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So I received the new head unit as a birthday present and fitted it today.....well what I mean is tried to fit it.

It's a double din touch screen unit with all the usual toys. It plugged in with the wiring converter okay but the aerial wouldn't reach once I had removed the frequency converter.

But the biggest problem was that I couldn't refit the facia around the Stereo. The new Stereo is about 5mm wider.

Anyone else had this problem???

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No idea mate, the fsti is different to the rest of them I think, would opening the hole up a little with a dremmil be an option ?

If your not keen on that I'd have a word over on uk foz may get a better answer on there

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