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Which mid range all-season tyre?

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just joined forum having recently acquired a 2005 outback 2.5i, which is currently shod with 3 different brands of summer tyre, two of which will need replacing very soon. Looking at option of replacing all 4 with all season type.

My annual mileage isn't high - 7-8k. trying limit budget to about £65 per corner if poss. 

Have been suggested either Nexen N'Priz 4S or Nangkang N607 at about that price.

Would be most grateful for any feedback on experience with either tyre.


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In your budget & low mileage 'star performer sptv a/s' could be option if buy from giga tyres at points in week when euro dips they can be had under £46 each, local fitting would be around £12 a tyre although good ATS outlets sometimes will do 4 for £40 if you lucky.

I got a set of 205/70/15 SPTV winter for old run-about fozzy at £36 a tyre from giga tyres, look super good for money & hoping try them out in snow soon.

Have a couple customers using these & when questioned them they been more than happy, one user does twice your annual mileage & used them in ice, snow, muddy lanes, rain & motorways & been very pleased .

Optimo 4s is good but high end of your budget & not sure do your factory size.


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