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Impreza WRX/Turbo2000 parts onto same age - Sports Wagon?


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Hi guys,

Sorry - bit new to forums so apologies if this has been covered elsewhere, I did look but the forum archive is vast and it's like looking for a needle in a haystack
especially as most peeps have Turbos.

I have a 2001 'W reg' Classic Sports Wagon on 114K - It needs the suspensions replaced, as mine are shagged, it's like driving a bar of soap around corners !


Sooo - Will suspension parts from the same year WRX/Turbo2000 go straight onto my Sports Wagon?

I've seen S/H shocks on eBay and I'm tempted to get them as they'll be cheaper than new replacements - this will be in addition to other stuff I can find.

Finally - will the turbo stock shocks be generally stiffer than a Sports shocks ?


Cheers guys - any help welcome

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