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Got myself a 51plate AW....Love it!!!!!

been doing some green laning, anybody else into green laning?

getting my off road tyres and lift kit then i'm gonna go take the p*ss out of landy owners who get stuck, maybe give them a pull out  :lol:  :D

the awd system on these is just awesome B)  B)


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Looks nice, do love the SF Foresters with passion .

Done a few lifts on these, best way is combination of block & springs such as - 40mm block on strut hats & +30mm springs from springcoil.co.uk

For more than 50mm lift you need make position spacers for the rear trailing links to centralise wheel in arch, also rear camber bolts to correct camber.

You can gain a bit more with larger tyres but not much as fowl strut spring seat & arch easily, you can swap to SG struts which has little more clearance.

alloy skid pan handy up front lipped up at front bumper, similar on back handy too & can save rear bumper.

They are surprisingly good & don't get stuck easily, enjoy :-) .


I would pick up a set of oem SF steel rims (can be found dirt cheap) for your offroad tyres & go full out on those to improve your landy embarrassing capability & keep current rims for road/all season tyres .

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:D  love it...my friend lifted his 5" just with blocks and disconnected his anti roll bar

got a set of 16" standard alloys for the tyres, not ideal but free  :rolleyes:

been green laning in holmfirth and the landy and disco drivers cant believe i've got the places i have.

got some good vids and will be starting a youtube page to showcase the gumpys off road abilities :lol:  :lol:  ;)

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geometry & wheel to arch centre alignment goes out at 2" & well out over 3" & up, other issue is drive shaft angles on very high lifts.

You best making most of tyre size at that gives ground clearance gain on hub/links/wishbone & saves overdoing driveshaft angles.

Is amazing where they will go, seen a few videos in US & Russia & it is totally surprising.

looks clean from that 1 pic, AWP great comfort too, totally unlike a landy lol .

How much lift you planning on doing ?

Look forward to some pics :-)

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