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Full Brake Upgrade kits


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Alright guys i need some help and advice please. My brakes are just about shot discs pads and even calipers are siezed up now. I have a 1996 impreza 2.0l turbo GC8 and im looking for a brand new full set up of brakes. I am after front and back. Currently i have 2 pots on the front and single pots on the back so was hoping for 4 pots on the front and 2 pots on the back if possible with my wheels size. Because its a mcrae special i dont want to change the wheels because they are only 16" wheels. Ive found a few kits but its nearly a grand just for the front. If anyone can help me out it would be great.

Thanks in advance Adam Stewart

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Hi not sure about the mc rae wheels but some 16's clear the later 98> 4 pots so you could go for late classic & new age subaru logo'd 4pots and get a 2 pot conversion on the rear, have a look at savage bulldogs build thread as he's gone from 2to 4's and is now on a set of brmbos at the front, and gone up to the 2's on the rear,that would give you some idea as to the work involved converting the rears

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