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sun roof leak


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Has anyoneone had a leak on the sunroof on a 2002 outback at all ?, mine drips through the light above the rear view mirror, I have removed the light but can not see any signs where it is coming in, as the front roof only tilts but does not slide back it appears impossible to see much.

I know on a tilt/slide roof it is easy to clear the drainage channels in the front pillars but they seem a long way from the rear roof unless the water is running down from the rear roof as the metal roof has quite a slope on it, does any one have any suggestions as to where the leak is likely to be if this is a common problem, knowing my luck it will be a one off problem on my car.

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Hi Jolyon,

I never found where the water was getting in as there were no water streaks or other marks to give me a clue, I never know why manufacturers insist on cutting metal out of the roof and then replacing it with a piece of glass, especially when the car has air conditioning.

Sorry I can't be of more help.

Kind regards



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