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Starting problem

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I have had a very strange symptom on starting for the last 6 months or so. I may have hit on symptoms connected with this problem on previous posts. I have solved most of them with alternator, Battery and inhibitor switch replacement but I now find that the single and weirdest problem still exists.I would appreciate a second opinion on this.


Symptom: Stop car after driving(faultlessly) and "sometimes" the whole car will go dead. Nothing. No clock, interior lights, horn. Zilch. The main bus-bar is effectively cut before the very first circuits. Its akin to disconnecting the Battery at either terminal. IT HAS to be a disconnection rather than a sinking of current as no protective devices blow. HOW CAN THIS HAPPEN.


I am a very qualified and experienced electrical/electronics engineer and have all schematics at hand. I have changed all but the ignition barrel and traced all wiring from Battery to sub-assemblies and can find no obvious reasons for these symptoms.


I have contacted the chief technical chap at Scorpion(sigma) who didnt have the decency to even acknowledge, never mind give suggestions, and Subaru are clowns.


I need a rocket scientist.


Any takers...

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