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Turbo issues, NEED YOUR HELP!!!!


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So driving home today and I hear a clinking noise like I have driven over a couple of link chain pieces. Anyway, continue to drive, no issue, accelerating up to 70mph in 4th and the engine loses power and engine light comes on! The car did not go into limp home mode and the car still running fine although not pulling as hard as normal. 

Following diagnostics it would appear that the waste gate to the turbo has become Jammed half open/closed! I have been told it will be okay to continue to drive (although take it easy (should help with the fuel economy)) but I do need a new turbo

My car is a 2006 hawkeye 2.5 wrx turbo, it has the standard td04 in at the moment and my mechanic has recommend bowling in place a td05. After some thoughts and advice please guys



current mods:

3" straight through stainless system exhaust 

dump valve 


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The noise could have been some of the turbine vanes shearing off, if it did they could be stuck in the intercooler been ingested into the engine or hopefully gone through the exhaust,

As for the solinoid not sure about the code may have to look at the list of cel codes that could be generated

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Hmmmm, okay I can deal with that I guess, driven it 40 odd miles since so would know by know if the engine had been damag I would guess, the turbo is still spinning up as well so I will have to ease off until I replace it and keep out of the turbo 😦😦😦😦

gives me a reasonable opportunity to upgrade to td05 though I guess! 

Has anyone got and good recommendations for good reasonable priced turbos. I have found a td05/20 for around £180 British built online 

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On a hawk i wouldn't bother with any TD series, there getting long in the tooth and too many knock offs out there. £180 for a turbo is 1/5 of what i would expect to pay for a decent one.


VF35 would be a good one or if you wanna go after market a sc36.


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