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  1. 4k for a second hand engine? jebus. give scoobyclinic a call, they should be able to advise if the prices your being quote are about the right ball park or if they are just trying to price themselves out of not doing it
  2. could try scoobyclinic up at chesterfield, they can do it all so no one place to another etc
  3. whent he turbo lets go small metal shavings/filings (even though looks ok to the eye) frequently get into the oil, they then get fed to the bearings and cause them to wer and then fail 😞 can you see if you can find a second hand engine? if not then your options are very limited 😞
  4. yeah, cowboy watch haha
  5. welcome, they are rather adcitive 😄
  6. just bite the bullet and get it rebuilt, the 2.5 in stock form is a bit of a lemon and you could swap it and it fail 2 weeks later again.
  7. oof, what happened? the sti 6 speed is a propper monster strength wise, seen plenty running well over 600
  8. Could be it was, they do get alot of heat on them so can be damaged when removed.
  9. Depends what your plans are, be aware the 2.5 isnt the most robust engine so you will only be able to ahcieve 300 ish before your pushing the limit. A turbo from an sti (non twin scroll) will be a nice upgrade, but bear in mind above and you may need supporting mods, plus it will need mapping for the turbo.
  10. Was it a like for like swap? COuld be the maf or could be something else, need to plug in and see what the EML is
  11. US version here
  12. impreza is no more in the uk 😞 in america they even released an S209. In fact subaru models in the UK are pretty poor, no more manual gearbox and im not even sure they do any turbo charged cars any more, tis a sorry state of affairs 😞 Add in the success subaru US are having in rally and rallycross and i suspect they will only get bigger over there.
  13. subaru US are much more interested in the owners, Subaru UK have basicly destroyed a fanatical following of the brand. They are more bothered about sponsering horse trials and golf tourneys now rather than motorsport 😞
  14. dunno if this helps,
  15. that helps dunnit. i swear subaru UK are useless
  16. very strange, what does your owners manual say about what size they should be?
  17. eurocarparts should be right if you put your reg in?
  18. not doing the normal wr blue for them seemed a tad daft to me as it's pretty much subaru full stop lol
  19. ah fair enough, i might be remembering wrong then. My dads had a couple of new xv's past 5 years or so.
  20. it's similar the the wr blue, but its a more vivid colour. It was never available on road cars and its based of a kawasaki blue as i understand it. Hopefully this lik will work,
  21. i wonder what one would look like in the proper old school WRC (not wr blue that the new age sti's were).
  22. always been that for the past 5-10 years or so iirc.
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