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Forester x 53 plate yearly mot fail


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Happy new year to all

I ve just had my yearly mot fail and wondered if I could have some advice and help finding parts to fix it.

 Anti roll bar linkage excessive play on ball joint both rear sides. (would these sort that out??)


Lights- both dip no pattern?? bulbs both work but not sure whether it is a case of just replacing them or not?

thanks for any help


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MEYLE drop links are very very good, ICP do cheaper ones as a pair at under £22 if want keep costs minimal.
(left & right are exactly same so just order 2 from that one listing)


As for no pattern on lights it maybe bulbs or lens clouded, plastic lenses on these do go cloudy, they can be polished with quality m3 cutting compound, would of thought they would of been more descriptive on that one even if only verbally. Take a good look at them & see what you can see, clouded lenses being quite common & low power dip may not shine through bight enough to show enough lens pattern !


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Thanks, Mr B. I went back to mot centre to ask him. Wife had taken car in for test and he hadn't attempted to help her out.

There are some old plastic deflectors on the headlamps (previous owner must have added them to drive abroad?) Will have

them off and the lights polished n cleaned over the weekend. See what they work like in front of a wall. Might even try the

toothpaste trick!

If i can get it through another year with only the rear drop links to be replaced i'll be amazed. cracking car!

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