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55 Reg headlights


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I've seen reports of dull headlights so bought good replacement bulbs - sounds easy ?

wrong - both headlight fittings are broken, clips missing and one bulb appears to have been superglued in!!

any recommendations where to get cheapest poss replacements? 

Look like £250 on eBay 


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Doubt be any good but I do have the metal supports for them only thing I have left from when I was going to do a bugeye to hawkeye conversion. They're brand new from Subaru cost me a bloody lot of money. For club members £25 for both posted. 


Fleebay is £40 for one side :)


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@tall_tog No worries Give matt a bell he's a breaker top bloke to deal with bough a lot off him and everything was well priced and been spot on. 

MB developments 
Unit 3 
Addenbrook street
Ws10 8hj

call or txt for quicker reply 07785942237

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Was always going to happen but one of the bulbs blew so I've bought a replacement housing 

please please tell me the front bumper does NOT have to come off to change this 

got all the screws out , taken grille out but looks like bumper is stopping it coming out 

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