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Where to get exhaust parts?

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Hi Guys,


So I have had a few problems with my exhaust the guy making it up is not bad at what he dose just seams to have cut a few corners and now I am stuck with close to what I want but not quite there. At the moment the pipe is welded onto the back of my original downpipes flange. This obviously leaves in the restriction and makes most of the exhaust pointless.

I need a bell mouth for my car going from a TD04 exit to a 3 inch round pipe. I have seen a few on eBay and so on but most are expensive and cost almost as much as a full downpipe.

So if anyone in the trade has a way to get hold of one or has part of a down pipe kicking about it would help me out and I can get this exhaust finished. 

It simple needs to bolt up to the turbo and can be welded onto the rest of my downpipe.




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