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Dash bulbs?


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Evening all......


got a few bulb gone on my dash ( cold and hot air and adjusting from foot to face to windscreen) how easy is it to access the bulbs on the classic V1 STI?? I was hoping to take it a part and see which blubs I need to order but is it as easy as taking a few bolts out the dash??


thanks in advance :biggrin:



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I changed mine and to be fair was a pain in the bum. The bulbs are t5. You have to undo the handbrake cove and remove gear gater and the centre plastic just pulls off.. Then their is more screws to the heater dials.. I struggled to get that out so turned it around where it was and only just got to the bulbs. Really fiddly someone else might know a easier way all in all about 30minute job with lots of swearing


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