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Hill Assist Issue


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Hi guys, looking for some advice on my 08 STI hatch, as I've searched and not found what I'm looking for quite yet.


I have this light on the dash permanently, and of course the hill assist isn't working. Through searching I have found that there is a way to turn the feature on/off and apparently it’s not possible on the 08, nonetheless I have tried anyway but to no avail. I’ve checked all the fuses but I cant even find one that refers to this function.
I like the hill assist function and I would ideally like it to return but the main reason I want to fix it so I can get the damned light off. Anyone in the know? 

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I know this sounds basic but have u tryed just disconecting the Battery for 10 mins then reconnect , this should wipe the codes and then see if it comes back .. What were you doing when the light came on ? .. Also could be your handbrake shoes are low I assume it uses the hand brake not sure ..

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