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  1. Yes the 1k oil change is already included in the price , before it goes on the dyno , I swapped out the semi synthetic for fresh at 2k as well . although they don’t specify that , then fully synthetic at 3k changed every 3k , the main point that Allan made on the run in sheet is it’s no good driving like miss daisy for 1k then at 1001 miles beating the living daylights out of it , need to slowly increase the load you apply when running her in make sure everything beds in nicely
  2. The engine tuner method is very similar , they do the fist change for you so it’s 50 miles 15w-40 mineral 500 miles mineral again 1000 miles semi syntetic 3000 miles fully synthetic
  3. If you want to drive it on the road it need to have an mot
  4. Well I spose the only way to be sure is to do a compression test
  5. If your lowered you will get uneven camber on the rear , not sure how much if any adjustability you have on the rear , obv get it checked out that nothings bent but you probably just need some camber bolts to straiten everything up again
  6. Impressive gains , any more plans for the wagon ?
  7. Best bet is the sniff test that way you can rule out head gasket then do a pressure test that will expose any potential leaks ,, is it air locking and pushing coolant into the overflow ?
  8. I totally agree with this , I still much prefers the way a proper forum works and would be a shame to see them shut down
  9. Problem with fb pages is it’s full of Astra owners chipping in their two pence on a Subaru page lol , at least on here it’s got proper admin and we are all passionate subaru owners
  10. Are you lowered at all? , and I know this seems stupid but is it parked of a flat
  11. You want to use the highest grade fully synthetic you can afford preferably Ester based like a millers or a titan race etc there is a tread on here by opie give you a run down of the best brands etc
  12. I’m sure the test hasn’t got any more strict for older cars , think you’ve just had a stroppy tester , as far as I’m aware the test concerning emissions is the same , maybe I’m wrong but I’ve just had mine done , I know for new cars the test has got more strict especially for diesels
  13. Nice I lookfoward to seeing more as it progresses 🙂 ,,, when’s the eta ? Did you buy through a dealer , and did they source the car for you I want to import a car a specific car tho , one of the 2018 type ra . but wouldn’t know where to start lol
  14. Not really very active on here anymore , as Tapatalk decided it’s going to be weird 😕 , but I’m still lurking behind the scenes lol , got the car Motd yesterday 😅 still sailing trough , I managed to spray the gear surround gloss black , just a rattle can job but I think it looks good will put some more pics on my build tread and a sort of how too later 😬 , I also added little Mishi to my air box lid 😂 it’s the little things 👌🏻
  15. Lovely looking motor 😍 , bet your buzzing bit of 2ltr twin scroll goodness , any plans for her once you take delivery ?