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Help/advice with subwoofer

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Hi all,

I currently have a vibe blackair 12" active enclosure which has worked very well for me for the past almost 2 years, which going on a track day yesterday became a nuisance (came away from the velcro it was secured down with, ripping wires out with it)... The other problem is I would ideally like some more space in my boot!

I really want the bass as it compliments my music perfectly, so the way I see it, I have 2 options:

1: take apart the sub/amp and buy/make a custom box to fit them in the corner of the boot

2 (the preferred option): buy a slim sub and fix to the rear of the back seats

I was wondering if anyone has experience with these slim subs at all and I want to know would it be powerful enough to be situated in the boot (i'm not after chav booming bass but also don't want it to feel lacking)

Sorry for the ramble but thanks in advance for any help!

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Fit the sub box cables with banana plugs, that way you can chuck the box out when you need to, but the rest of the time you can enjoy the bass. You could make a low profile box to hug the rear of the seats and fix it in, but it'll still be extra weight you are carrying on a track day

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I think a slim sub would be lost in the boot, as they don't have the power to be run at loud volumes all day to compensate for the lack of size

I bought one of these


Works well, sounds good and fits under the front seat so nit means I get to keep all my boot space

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