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ABS giving me grief! :(


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So a few weeks ago I've had an issue start with the Scooby. I get a horrible grinding noise when I put my foot on the brakes and it sounds/feels like ABS. It's constantly there when I brake for the first 5 - 10 minutes of driving then the ABS light comes on, this then stops the noise all together for the rest of the drive. The ABS light is sometimes accompanied by the handbrake warning light too, which adds to my confusion! The noise then starts again every time I stop and start the engine. 

My brakes were in need of changing so I've changed both front and rear discs and pads so that's eliminated brakes as being the issue. While changing the brakes I checked all ABS sensors for any breaks in the cables and air blasted the areas to clear any debris that may have been there. But to my avail still nothing :( 

Has anyone else had this issue or can shed some light on this? It's having my eye out!


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Hmm, thats interesting. I changed to OEM equivalent mintex discs and pads, and yes they were slotted. Any idea where you read about these? Could be worth me looking up. 

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**Going to keep this thread updated incase anyone else gets stuck with the same issue**

Found a guy in the states that's had a similar sounding issue, his turned out to be a cracked ABS ring! I won't get time to take a look at it now until a few weeks time so until then I've pulled the main control fuse from under the bonnet just to turn off the ABS completely. (fuse is located in the main fuse box under the bonnet and is SBF-8 in the diagram attached)

I've got the ABS light on constant now as a result of the fuse being out but the crunching/grinding noise has gone so that's good! I know this is not a good fix but it will only be short term.

I'll update as to how i get on with the ABS rings in a few weeks! :happy:

Main fuse box.JPG

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Yes I would try the abs rings. I had the same problem in my old Hyundai Accent, everytime I braked the abs would go mental on me and it turned out to be a hairline crack in an abs ring :). Hope you find the problem!

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