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  1. yeah i guessed so, should be okay with just the one cat gone though right?
  2. Eventually i'd love to! but for now the funds are the issue! haha
  3. Fair one! i'll look into that then haha, I quite like my turbo without the insides of a cat run through it!
  4. Ah right! I can see now, I'm even mistaking the uppipe and downpipe! haha. Thanks man, that's cleared that up!
  5. I thought I may have been wrong! haha, So there's no cat in the center section anyway? Sorry i sound like a complete tool, I haven't much of a clue when it comes to this! Good to know i can still pass the MOT with a few cats removed though! I guess i'll just have to make sure the cars nice and warm before it gets checked over! haha Thanks!
  6. After this years MOT it has become apparent that my center section has more holes than a hookers tights! So it seems to me i have two options:- A) Weld the !Removed! out of the stock pipe. B) Get a new pipe. Option B is the favored at the moment but if i will be doing so i'd like to go de-cat. On saying that i also would like to be able to pass the MOT emissions test without having to replace a pipe every year. From what i can see there are two cats, One in the center section and one in the up pipe. So the question i have is, can i get away with a de-cat center pipe on an MOT? I have read through some articles and found mixed answers so decided to post myself. I have a 2003 WRX, for reference. Thanks!
  7. Clutchy McClutch Face

    Haha! So does the classic clutch differ much from the blob one? That's my only concern with that really :/ Sent from my Nexus 6 using Tapatalk
  8. Clutchy McClutch Face

    Wicked, that's much better for my pocket than the £1000 from the dealer! Haha thanks for the advice :) Sent from my Nexus 6 using Tapatalk
  9. Clutchy McClutch Face

    Well it's currently at 260bhp so i would be looking to hit 300 if not more. Pink box sounds more my cuppa tea! Would that price typically include parts and labour? Thanks!
  10. So my clutch is on its way out and i've been looking around for prices etc to replace it, also been looking at the idea of replacing it with an upgraded clutch as i may look at performance mods further down the line. Anyone here running an upgraded clutch that can tell me how it affects day to day driving? i use my car for work so wouldn't want it to be a ****** to drive around. I've been scoping out the Exedy stage 1 clutch kit but if anyone is running that or similar and could let me know how it is that would be awesome! On another note, if anyone could advise a garage local to south wales that could replace the clutch for a fair price that would be sweet, I had a quote from a Subaru dealer for £1000 all in. I have never had a clutch changed in any of my cars (luckily) so i have no idea if this is good or bad? i'm kind of hoping bad... Thanks in advance!
  11. Bagged Scooby! :)

    Big fan! Always thought about it but the funds are a biggie. How much did the setup cost you if you don't mind me asking? And what management system are you using etc? :)
  12. ABS giving me grief! :(

    Thanks man, hopefully this will solve it! Sent from my Nexus 6 using Tapatalk
  13. ABS giving me grief! :(

    **Going to keep this thread updated incase anyone else gets stuck with the same issue** Found a guy in the states that's had a similar sounding issue, his turned out to be a cracked ABS ring! I won't get time to take a look at it now until a few weeks time so until then I've pulled the main control fuse from under the bonnet just to turn off the ABS completely. (fuse is located in the main fuse box under the bonnet and is SBF-8 in the diagram attached) I've got the ABS light on constant now as a result of the fuse being out but the crunching/grinding noise has gone so that's good! I know this is not a good fix but it will only be short term. I'll update as to how i get on with the ABS rings in a few weeks!
  14. ABS giving me grief! :(

    Hmm, thats interesting. I changed to OEM equivalent mintex discs and pads, and yes they were slotted. Any idea where you read about these? Could be worth me looking up.
  15. So a few weeks ago I've had an issue start with the Scooby. I get a horrible grinding noise when I put my foot on the brakes and it sounds/feels like ABS. It's constantly there when I brake for the first 5 - 10 minutes of driving then the ABS light comes on, this then stops the noise all together for the rest of the drive. The ABS light is sometimes accompanied by the handbrake warning light too, which adds to my confusion! The noise then starts again every time I stop and start the engine. My brakes were in need of changing so I've changed both front and rear discs and pads so that's eliminated brakes as being the issue. While changing the brakes I checked all ABS sensors for any breaks in the cables and air blasted the areas to clear any debris that may have been there. But to my avail still nothing :( Has anyone else had this issue or can shed some light on this? It's having my eye out! Thanks!