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I'm new to the forum and looking for advice,, I'm wanting to buy a Subaru Impreza,, was wondering if anyone had any advice on what model is best for first timer like myself,, my brother in law has a blob eye STI type uk with a stage2 remap that's just evil and maybe in time I'd like to look into doing the same (not necessarily the same model) any information is greatly appreciated 

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Depends on budget. Buy on condition not mileage. Make sure it has been well looked after. turbo models need a bit more tlc but they're not a bank breaker if you've got a good one and look after it. Sti's (the model, not the group of venereal diseases) are more focused but wrx's are very capable and probably a better all rounder as a daily (if you're modding anyway an sti might work out cheaper though). Imports can be more expensive to insure. N/A models can be nearly as thirsty.

Give us more info and we can give more specific advice

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