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quick speaker advise

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I've just upgraded my front door speakers and I've got an after market hu already, the speakers distort at about 3/4 volume just like the standard ones did, am i right in thinking this is because the hu is essentially under powered? and amping them would help? as much as i want a sub I'm not sure where to put it in my forester as id like to keep the boot space, so just looking to get the best i can (already got an amp waiting) 


also has anyone any experience with underseat subs? are they worth the money considering the limited space or just like a !Removed! on a windy day?


much thanks :-)

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Did you change them for like for like or did you just put Co ax ones in the doors ?

I changed to some cheap 3 way ones in the lower half of the door and left the tweeters,

Ment I lost a load of mid and low range, ended up going for a pioneer underseat sub, rounded off the system nicely, I listen to mainly hip hop, drum&bass/jungle so without it you can really notice a difference,

Not too loud as to rattle the windows but just enough to let your passenger know there's one there [emoji3]


Bit of a squeeze but it goes even better if you cut the carpet out from underneath and mount directly to floor

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To be honest I just fit 2 way coax as it was the easiest thing to do at the time, my car doesn't have tweeters in the door even though the wires there but that just comes from the main speakers no crossover, these speakers sound good enough just after a bit more power, but if the underseat subs are half decent I think I'll get one one day once house move is over with and I have some money's available. I listen to all sorts of music and sometimes like to have the windows rattling :-) got a sub In the loft but as I said I want to keep my boot space and don't have the patience to custom build something lol 

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